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Contemporary Sunset & Trees

A contemporary piece containing a scene of trees with a peaceful fence and sunset.
Size: 48" x 32" - $689.95

Sunset & Trees

Star Burst (Blue)

An energetic piece resembling a burst of light from the sun. (Blue Style)
Size: 48" x 48" - $498.95

Star Burst

Majestic Span

A beautiful forest scene with a majestic river flowing through it.
Size: 64" x 32" - $489.75


Abstract Wall Piece

A large modern abstract wall piece, perfect for any setting.
Size: 72" x 50" - $6800.00

Wall Piece

Copper Star

A stylish copper-colored star.
Size: 42" x 42" - $269.95


Freestanding Red

A shape-based abstract floor piece.
Size: 58" tall - $8900.00


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We a small group of Michigan artist who specialize in Metal sculptures both free standing and wall Art. Our designs are all individually hand made by using various metal working techniques. Many of the pieces are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. They are a fantastic artistic and visual addition to any home or garden. All pieces are made in our studio located in Flint, Michigan and no two are alike!

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